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Intuitive Anatomy

Theta Healing® 
Intuitive Anatomy Course 
The Theta Healing® Intuitive Anatomy Course is the most comprehensive Theta Healing® course and allows the Theta Healing® Practitioner to become highly skilled at scanning and healing within the physical body using the Theta Healing® technique. This 15 day course teaches you how to apply Theta Healing® through the systems of the body. Using intuitive skills, you will go through each system to see what beliefs and programs are creating diseases and other illnesses. You will be able to further enhance your healing practice, and gain invaluable knowledge on the various systems of the body.

This course is required for the designation Theta Healing® Master certificate.

Each day is themed to a specific organ or system, where you will gain a comprehensive understanding of all the diseases, programs, blocks and issues that are associated with each system or organ in the body.

Day 1 – Microbes

Day 2 – Skeletal System

Day 3 – Endocrine System

Day 4 - Digestive System

Day 5 – Respiratory System

Day 6 - Heart and Circulatory System

Day 7 - Lymphatic System

Day 8 - Excretory and Sexual System

Day 9 - Muscles

Day 10 - Nervous System

Day 11 - The Skin

Day 12 - The Eyes

Day 13 - The Brain

Day 14 - The Ears

Day 15 - The Body as a whole

You will discover and learn over the 15 days:
  • Change beliefs and teach new feelings instantly
  • Enhance your medical intuitive skills
  • An understanding of the anatomy and beliefs that hold disease or conditions in place
  • Effectively perform body scans immediately with more accuracy
  • Release deep old beliefs, emotions and trauma throughout your soul’s journey
  • Change and transmute all the negative feelings within your mind, body and soul
  • Understand what beliefs manifest into particular illness and how to change them
  • Clear blocks that inhibit your body’s major systems
  • Expand your consciousness with daily downloads that will radically enhance your life
  • Nurture all your organs and systems to achieve miraculous healings
  • Clear issues on a core, genetic, group consciousness, past life and soul level
*Dates to follow in 2018

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To register for this course, please contact: or phone 07809404946
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