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                   Lisa Jane Halliday
           Theta Healing® Certificate of Science and Master Practitioner and Teacher

Welcome to the online community! 

A place for guidance, inspiration, transformation and high vibrations to support your journey. 

I work with people worldwide, helping them integrate more balance, truth and create amazing positive transformations within themselves and their lives. I love working with entrepreneurs, healers and creatives, just like you, who want to find clarity and courage to let their magic out. I would love to journey with you for a while, standing witness to help you rediscover your true purpose

Are you ready to dive deeper and reawaken to your true purpose?
Within each of us lies the wisdom to create a happy, joyful and a healthy life. We are all looking for more truth and alignment, a gentle stirring from within, calling us home, guiding us inwards, reawakening us to the greater truth and infinite possibilities that lay deep within each one of our hearts.....
Meet Lisa 
Are you ready for a life filled with more choices?
My principal purpose is to empower you to rediscover your true purpose, to realise your greatness of being, to help you to transform your obstacles, limitations and resistance; to reawakening to the greater reality within; to take back your authenticity and sovereignty; to rediscover your magic, love and joy that is your true birthright. 

Are you ready for positive life-changes?
Transformational sessions are a great way to help you reconnect with your true-self, bringing you positive life-changes, soul alignment and helping you to create more awareness, freedom, love and self-expression into your life. There is magic inside of you that is waiting to come out. I can help you reconnect to the superpower within You
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